2nd Degree Burns Care at Home

2nd Degree Burn Care

Though 2nd degree burn care may be scaring and painful for the sufferers but they are not fatal in normal cases. In most of the normal burning incidents among adults this type of burns can be treated easily at home by following certain careful steps but in case of burns to elders or children you should immediately go for medical treatment. You should also seek immediate medical help in case of burns on some tender and crucial spots like face, genitals, feet or hands. Some of the home treatments for this level of burns are provided in this article for your guidance.

Structure of human skin

Before proceeding for burns treatment at home one should know about the structure of his skin. Human skin is made of three layers Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis.

Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin which contains living cells that mature and shed with time.
Hair follicles, blood vessels, nerves, sweat glands etc. are included in the middle layer of the skin known as Dermis.
Hypodermis, fat and collagen are stored in this third and innermost layer of skin.

In case of burns of 2nd degree first two layers, epidermis and dermis, of the skin get damaged deeply. The condition of the patient becomes crucial as the protective layer of the skin gets damaged and the skin becomes highly sensitive to infections, dehydrations and extreme change of temperature.

Features of 2nd degree burn Care

The injuries caused by 2nd degree burn care include complete destruction of uppermost layer of the skin and partial damage to its 2nd layer.
This category of burns can be divided into two types:

Superficial burns: The painful, wet with a deep white or red coloring of the burnt area is known as Superficial type of burns of 2nd degree.
Deep burns: The patient’s condition with Deep burns of this category is considered as serious at this stage as they go deeper to the dermis across epidermis causing great pain at the site of burn due to damage in the nerves in the adjoining region. The burn injury of this type appears to be white, waxy and dry and takes time to heal and recover. Though it may take 3-4 weeks to recover in most of the cases but it may heal quicker in several cases.

Homely 2nd degree burn care

You should provide First aid to the patient immediately by flushing the burnt region with cool water instead of cold water or ice. Put the burnt part under running water to cool down its temperature.
In case of serious burns you should call 911 and cover the wound with clean piece or sheet of gauze until the arrival of medical professionals.
In normal cases you should apply an antibiotic cream at least twice a day to prevent it from infection, after washing it with cool water, and cover it with bandage or gauze
Keep the skin moist with some herbal ointments like aloe vera cream to keep the skin flexible and relieve the pain

Thus, the 2nd degree burn care at home can be very effective.

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